Our Human Sources Policies Few but qualified labour deploy instead of cheap and many. Supply of labour who will increase the productivity and performance, make the work correctly. Show attention to trainee inside and outside the plant, supply of being trained and tought to the labours during the working, this suppliment to each level, inspection and measurements of the changes To realize the coordination of the sections in the plant and supply the team spirit. Show attention the performance of the stuffs. For this reason, to assign the performance criterions which enables the labour and his manager can measure and to improve a Performance Assessment System which is objective and contemporary. To set a SALARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM which enables the stuffs live humanly, rightful, honest and suitable fort he economic conditions, appreciates their successes. To offer carrer opportunities to the stuffs. To create a Career Planning System regarding to the stuffs’ questions like: “How and untill where can i rise in this company” objectively and reasonably. In the nominations which will be done for upper statues or for different positions, to choose stuffs from the interior stuffs. To avoid subjectivity and discrimination. To set Advancement System.